Webmaster Error: "We do not detect any structured data on your site."


Good Day To All,

I have problem of my webmaster tools, I found out that there are no detection of structured data in one of my site in webmaster tools. This site has error of duplicate title tags, is this the cause of the problem?

Any help pls. I appreciate it. And thank you in advance.


Can you put the URL from the site with problems?


Thank you for reply SidV, my url is combinebasic.com, before its combinebasic.blogspot.com, this is a new custom domain. So in my webmaster tools, I add another account as combinebasic.com and www.combinebasic.com this is my preferred domain.

combinebasic.blogspot.com Structured data error

www.combinebasic.com Structured Data Error

Hope for your help, thank you in advance


Note this site also has error in HTML improvement called duplicate title tag, I displayed also here in other days.