We should Respect the Creator/owner of something we use!


Hello There,Bloggers!

This post is specifically for Newbie bloggers who look up for a new design for their new blog.This post is not specifically for a person or all New bloggers this post is specially for those New bloggers who use others designed template and remove credit links and use.

First of all let me tell you, when you do this you may get a peace of mind (according to someone’s mentality) but this is really very harmful to you as well as your blog. In past few days I have looked up some topics which contain blog links and that blogs are free version and they remove the credit link.Also I saw a topic where a member asked ‘How to Remove Credit links’.This is an Infringing act and if you infringe someone’s copyrights then DMCA/Common attributes or google might ban your blog. So this may finish off your all hard work in a flick of a second.

It takes Weeks and even sometimes month to make a blogger template.Just Imagine that You wrote thousand’s of words and Hundred’s of lines and someone removed the credit then? How would you feel at the moment? Obviously According to Human feeling you will feel Disappointed as well as Very angry that you created it with lots of troubles and hard work and he/she has removed the credits? Tell me seriously how you will feel.

It doesn’t matter keeping credits really! what should matter is keeping your content up to the mark the reader really does not matter that who designed your blog what he has concern with is content.

But if you want to remove credits then you can just buy it for a couple of dollars. And that too they are not so expensive.

Rest is all upon you! I encourage you to keep the credits or buy it please respect the creator owner it is your duty to keep it in exchange of the wonderful design they gave you.

Its totally your decision, I am not Being Rude or Some kind of harsh but If you remove it from free versions then you have to suffer the punishment.You can do whatever you want ( its your wish) but please keep my words in your mind!

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Yes @Nafees You Are Saying Correct! I Agree With This Post As We All Should Respect Someone’s Hard Work. Thanks @Nafees For Creating This Post For Suggesting The Newbies About The DMCA. :smile: