We are Organizing a TV Show on Blogging!


We spent almost 5 years promoting blogging in the country mashAllah and fortunately the efforts paid off when we conducted the country’s biggest conference called Unexplored Success Treasures at Islamabad. That conference turned into an idea which was then transformed into a TV Show broadcasted from the heart of the country.

We are conducting a TV show on blogging at Islamabad this Saturday for which we need 12 bloggers from Islamabad, Rawal Pindi, Peshawar to come as panelist in that show this Saturday. I will not be able to personally attend the show due to business constraints but the first 12 bloggers contacting us would get a chance to be viewed nationwide through our Show the Soch Factory

Show Details

Show: Soch Factoy

Channel: Kay2 TV

Timing: 9:30 PM

Day: Saturday

Exclusive Entry For Forum Members

Forum members can get an exclusive entry from MBT, local members who can afford to reach Islamabad may PM me their contact details and share full details of their blogging career


wao great news this is great you are doing alot of effort and may ALLAH bless you

for all users best of luck all bloggers this is great chance to prove yourself


Is this showing on YouTube too, cuz’ I’m from SEA (South East Asia), can’t watch it live or going there :laughing:

Can’t wait to see it :blush:


@Mohammad I am from Lahore,Pakistan . I can’t attend the show due to my studies. But I am gonna watch the show on Tv. :grinning:


Congratulations! :smiley:

I will catch the LIVE streaming on Internet as I don’t live in Pak. :slight_smile:


I will try my best to go there. It seems interesting. I already have visited Islamabad a few days ago.


Soo, it’s on YouTube too :question: or on other website :question:


@Mad, You can catch the LIVE streaming at Kay2 TV’s official website. By the way, which country are you currently in? :slight_smile:


Rohan, He is of South East Asia. I think you live in india right? I am not able to locate Kay2 TV Channel in my TATA Sky. Do you know?


South East Asia? Which country tho?

I don’t know anything about Tata Sky as I hardly watch Television. :stuck_out_tongue: You can catch the Live Streaming or the recorded video at the official website of Kay2 TV (Use the link which Mustafa sir have shared).



@Shivansh bro you can watch the live stream of this show here :grinning:


But My Internet connection is dial-up and I can’t watch it without buffering if i use your given link. I will try to find that channel on my tv. :smile:


Which Sarturday i want to know and i will do my best to come to this show.Is this is on Tommorrow


If you are in India. Probably you are not going to discover that channel.


@zeshan123 Yes this show is on tomrrow. :smiley:


You can join their FB page where the video clips will be uploaded. You can also watch it live through the website link

@AmmarAli You can call them live and participate in the show instead through a Question :smiley:

@HassanTahir Call live in show to be recorded :smile:


Come on @Shivansh even mobile phones are 3G and 4G these days and you still hanging up with Dial up! :slight_smile:

I guess it wont buffer a lot, you can watch it live at their website


Ok I will try. But I think, the channel is on tata sky. :smile: And I need some help from you @Mohammad, Can You Help Me?



The show will be recorded so it wont be live. So you guys can surely watch it later. I just confirmed that

@Shivansh Please PM me


Yay! Thanks for the confirmation. Sounds good. :slight_smile: