We are Coming to NEDUET University For a Serious Motivational Talk


I have been invited as the guest speaker to give a motivational talk to all first year students in the CIS, CSIT and SE disciplines. The triplet IT departments of NED. This is a first time official orientation ceremony organized by IEEE Computer Society that is going to be held on 8th Feb, 2016 in Civil Audio Visual Hall, NEDUET.

I gave my first workshop/seminar there in 2013 ( BluePrint To PlanB ) and this will be the second most memorable one God wiling, where I have to share a lot of undisclosed facts about:

  1. Sugar coated truth about higher studies
  2. Bitter truth of Silicon Valley
  3. White and Black Entrepreneurship
  4. Plan A and Plan B
  5. The human survival race,
  6. Corporate slave mentality
  7. New faces of ancient black slave traders,
  8. Online business myths and facts
  9. Becoming a Programmer or Inventor
  10. My journey as a student to becoming a father,
  11. A surprise message to INDIA and to my fellow friends who requested something (Abhishek Mishra and @denharsh ) :innocent:

For Updates and registrations follow the event page:

:link: IEEE NCS Orientation 2016



That’s Really An Awesome News ! :smile: As Many Students Will Be Able To Hear Your Magical Words , Hope I Would’ve Also Been There…

Good Luck And May God Bless You And Your Sweet Family :smile: :angel:


Thank you dear @Nitishk for the kind wishes and prayers. Someday we will surely meet. I hope to come to India some day soon :innocent: