Want to Start a Blogging Niche Blog


Hello Friends… I want to start a blogging niche blog (like mybloggertricks.com and mybloggerlab.com). So I want some instructions like what should I do first… I taught of a name and thats BS-Beginner (Blogspot Beginner) I got the name’s Idea from WP-Beginner (wpbeginner.com). Can anyone guide me that what are the first things I should do after creating the blog. The blog will obviously be hosted on blogger…


yup its good idea. BS-BEGINNER. but must decide your topic because everyone is writing on gadgets , widgets related to blog


@PriRabi Thanks… I am glad that you liked :smile:


If you have a vast knowledge about blogspot the go for it, and if not then you should write on something of your interest in which you never get bored