Want to know what type of traffic is this?


Today while i was checking my blogger dashboard, on the traffic source i saw the unknown referring urls.["en"]&v=gim394750002&hash=



I am getting visitors from above two referral link. But i don’t know what is it? Please some one would help me to know.

  1. I am not sure with first one. May be, It is from a search engine named ‘genieo’
  2. about the second one, I think, Someone had saved a webpage in his computer and opened it with any browser and there, he found your blog’s link and he clicked on it. So the destination before he visited your blog was http://c/Users/STAR%20COMPUTER%20SYSTEM/AppData/Roaming/IDM/idmmzcc5/components/idmhelper5.js on address bar, so Blogger Traffic source showed this url


@Shivansh Does this harms my blog at any way? Or will this effect my adsense.


I don’t think that If will effect your blog or adsense. Keep Going.


@Shivansh oh… that’s relief for me. I was suspicious that they are the type of traffic that Google and adsense don’t like.Thanks buddy.