Want to create a site question answer in blogger


hi, I want to know is there any template that show all the post which will be in headline are questions and in post will be their answer as question answer format on home page just like know how theme of word press. if there is a way just tell me i am eager to know…

as i am planning top start a blog with some predefined questions and i will write down their answer on my blog. so on home page it will show only question which actually a title of the post just like “How to make a pan card.”


Yes! You can make that,but it needs lots of work! Better go with wordpress!


Any template can do this for you. Just put read more tag at the beginning of the content… Be very sure at the very beginning of the content area. And your title should be your question as you said yourself… Below read more button write the answers of the questions and everything will work your way. Thanks


I like this this . click here