Want a Review of My New Blog


Hello Friends. I have created a New Blog, Some Days ago. I want some expert’s help and Review of my New Blog. http://bloggerguiders.blogspot.com

Please guide me about everything includingm SEO, and all type of issues with desgined

I have also a problem. Day Before Yesterday, My Blog’s 4 Pages are Indexed. Yesterday, only 3 pages left. And Today, Only 2 Pages left! What’s Going Wrong?


You blog is good. And content is also nice but its not very much interesting or this seems not be just because of the headings. I’ll advise you to read Headline Hacks Guide by John Morrow at http://boostblogtraffic.com/ . This mini guide is seriously very helpfull and interesting too. this one is just fab and i have read this twice.


Are You advertising his blog everywhere?


haha … He is so much talented that he don’t require publicity. He got 13000 subscribers on his blog without writing down a single post. I read all his posts and they are just amazing. I am just suggesting you also to read them. They will really help you as they helped me. And I am suerly not advertizing his blog.


You receive a serious problem because I see your site has only 3 pages indexed in Google. Moreover you’ve only 4 posts on your web so keep working hard to get well rank.


@Mr_Raja this is because my blog is only 3 days old. And I am posting 1 post daily


How they Helped you Naman? By Giving some tips?


@Shivansh Ho my friend , Don’t just post about content that already written by another bloggers , Just create content yourself that differ from other .


Yeah my friend. I’m their email subscriber. I keep reading their post.