Want a Review of My Blog (Blogger Guiders)


Hello Friends. Now, the new thing is, I have changed the template of my blog and made it more SEO Optimized. Here’s my blog URL Here are the points which I want to get review:

  1. Design
  2. Writing Skills
  3. SEO Optimization
  4. Unique Posts or Not?
  5. Any other Suggestions

I will Add Google+ And Twitter Widgets after creating account there for Blogger Guiders. I have not created yet because first, I want to focus on 1 soicial network (facebook)


I Hope you’ll provide the URL of your blog. :smile:


  • Design- 90/100 pretty good
  • Thumbs UP :thumbsup: for your first post. Nice template, that you have provided.
  • Unique Posts- Okay yeah, your posts are unique, but try to work on the headline part. Choose more attention gaining headlines.
  • SEO- You need to work on structure data.
  • Writing skills- Easily understandable posts for beginners. Good writing skills.
  • Try gaining more email subscribers.

Fill up your Guest Post section with all the necessary details for guest posting on your blog.

Like if this review helped you. :smile:

Happy Blogging!


shivansh you are little child or you are to smart dont mind because you are posting this review third time i dont mind but i think it is against rules and regulation if you want to review your blog so post once in a month it is my think

i am just member if i were muhammad so i did not like truely just think about it


Thanks @NamanKumar for your kind review. I will surely take care of the things you told.

I will fill the guest post section after my blog start receiving Good amount of traffic.

@Tariq_aziz, I think you are right. But Now, I can’t delete this topic.


thank you brother you dont mind and i can not tell my opionion about your website because i dont know about seo template html and other things


@Tariq_aziz , I’m happy that there are people like you who want to take this forum to great heights. @Mohammad will also be very happy happy watching you contributing in this forum.


every one is little self and i am also :smile: i am just improving my writting skill because it is my thinking as much as write as much as read you will differently improve your skill


Good! @Shivansh. You have done a Great Job. I like all the things of Your Blog. So No Need to Explain Everything one by one.

Thank You .

Gaurav Vishwakarma


@Shivansh kindly ask for a review only once. We are closing this topic here