Video Multiple Tab Post For Blogspot


i have been asking this question for 3 months nobody help me so i am gonna ask this question there is word press plunging name is multi post tab you can make embed multi video in a post how can i do this in blogspot i search a lot but i have not get it yet i got html code for embed three videos but there is no button aur tab on html so please help me


Can you share a link of that wordpress plugin or a screenshot because your question is not quite clear. What I could understand is that you are looking for a multi tabbed widget which we already shared on our blog. Read the following post:

You can add this widget in Blog post section to insert embed-able videos inside it.


i dont know how to share image here which option for upload image


this is the post


It is a simple Multi Tabbed widget which can surely be added in blogger. Follow the tutorial I shared and let me know if that helps you. Here is a second tutorial based on it


thank you let me check it will work in blogspot post or not