Vertical divider line sticking out after removing "subscribe to atom" bit


Hey there!

So I removed the “subscribe to atom” links from my blog (or rather, I set them to hidden).

However, the vertical divider line on my blog,, extends beyond where the last post on the page ends, to where the "subscribe to atom" bit would normally be. I really hate the way that looks, and would like to be able to fix this.

Well. I suppose this picture explains it better than my words do:

Hope someone can help me!


I think it’s the blog pager that’s causing the problem. After you have a couple more posts that will show on the bottom so the line won’t look like it’s hanging over. If you want just for now you could add:

#blog-pager {
    display: none;

You’d really want to remove that though after you have enough posts.

If you want to test this theory you can change the number of posts per page by going to Settings, Posts and Comments, at the top of that page is Posts Show at most (box) posts on the main page. Change the number in the box from 7 to say 3.

If it’s still hanging over take off the default bottom margin of the blog pager like this:

#blog-pager {
    margin: 1em 0 0em !important;

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: