Using CloudFlare System with Blogger


How can I add CloudFlare to Blogger? When I go to the CloudFlare website and enter my Blog url it says that sub domains don’t work with CloudFlare. I’m using a domain. Do I have to set up a CNAME at my host, I know that has built in CloudFlare ingration but I don’t know how to set up the CloudFlare with Blogger though


The only way that you can use CloudFlare is if you own a TLD (top level domain) it doesn’t work on a subdomain. Furthermore, the only reason that it works with x10 is because they are a cloudflare partner.

If you want to use CloudFlare on blogger you can only do so with a TLD.


Could any one say me how to setup cloudflare on blogger I need to enable https:// on my Website Techwebster dot in


@CSdog for CloudFlare you have to use top level domain. If you want to use https on your blogspot subdomain then you can easily enable it from blogger setting.


@srisaikamal check this link. You will find many tutorial about enabling https for blogger custom domain with cloudflare. Just try them -


I can insall SSL and fix mixed content on Blogger custom domain. Check example:


Buzz me, I can help you install HTTPS SSL to your blogger custom domain. See here for reference


CND is not work well with free domain as well