Url shortner dot tk for blogger


I want to know this dot tk domain is good for bloggers url shortner service eg http://plbt.tk .Is it affect seo .If they delete my domain what i do any advice will be appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Help me guys… seo advice any …


You Can Definitely Use A Short Url For Your Blog And It Will Not Affect Your Blog’s SEO :slight_smile:


what i do if they delete my domain,as i read many reviews about scam on google Is it safe to use dot tk domain.

Acc to reviews they delete our domain and sell to other if it become popular.when use domain as a website.

But here in my case i am using domain not as website but as a url shortner .So,I thought there are less chance of domain delted.

Please tell me will i proceed to domain and use it as custom url shortner


Yes you’re saying right that .tk domain get removed so try not to link your short url everywhere and use other respected short url service like bit.ly , goo.gl etc. :smile: