URGENT: Why My Blog is Not Getting any Traffic?


Hello @Mohammad, @Templatezy, @Samurai, @Rohan and all bloggers here.

After helping Many Newbies, I want to ask this question from everyone here. Why My blogger blog is not getting much traffic? My blog design is created by me and it looks fine! I don’t copy content and post it on my blog. I have also installed important widgets like related posts, sharing buttons, subscription box, popular post, social box and I written many article (240 articles) on my blogger blog. I am not using any ads on my blogger blog because it irritate reader. I have Facebook Like Page and box related to it. Also Same in Twitter and Google+. I have enabled feed and I have great knowledge of Hacking Codes from any highly secured site. Also If they use obfucated codes. And After having codes I share them with my readers. My Blogger Blog loading speed is only 2 second and the score on Google Pagespeed is 62 (mbt also have score 62). The template of my blogger blog is responsive and can be viewed in any device. I post at least 1 article daily. I have also write description because I have enabled robot.txt in all posts while publishing it. And my Blogger Blog is 2 years old! But My Blogger blog still get 100-200 pageviews per day! Why? I am not sure about seo i am using on my blog’s template. I have trust in Mohammad and I can give you my template xml for review. Can you review and tell me where i am wrong in blogging? Please?

LATEST NEWS: I have deleted 9 copied post from my blog which I have copied when I don’t know the meaning of blogging.



It doesn’t matter if your blog is of how much age, what it matter is the content. Two things I have noticed, that your text is low on posts, try to add more… Approx 500 Words minimum for each post. Other thing is that you host images on other hosting services! Why anyone would do that? If you have such a great hosting with blogger itself!

And try improving your speed as I see too many things loading up. Maybe change your floating FB and Twitter likes and follows to your sidebar widgets.

PS: These are only some basic things I noticed. I am not a pro.


Hello Thanks For Reply

As You Said:

In My Today’s Post, Have 760 Words. these days, I am trying to write 500+ words article on my Blogger blog.


I am using postimage.org software for uploading images because it lets you to take screenshot, and upload any picture with 1 click from desktop. Well, I don’t think that this effect SEO.

Still Waiting for your Reply @Mohammad


You have to measure THE SIZE of your niche. Small niche gets few visitors per day.


Now that was a sincere quest! I would love to be sincere in auditing your site.

Following are some reasons which are major reasons why you could not play well on search engines and draw search traffic to your blog.

  1. First and foremost, you have a complicated Domain name which uses abbreviations as title. “placeforcompinfo” does not utilizes any major keyword. Comp may sound as computer but in its actual form it means " A command" in programming terms. Further your title is PFCI Tech and then later you mix computer and blogger tricks together, making it difficult for search robots to fit you into what category? Your blog title gives an ambiguous impression to both readers and robots and has a complicated domain name. I did the exact similar mistake when creating mbt, its first name was tnt-by-stc.blogspot.com Which sounded both funny and stupid! But after I realized I changed it to keyword specific!

  2. Your blog is not specific, it does not fit into a single niche and instead branches into both computers and blogging which does not make sense at all. Computers come under Tech category while blogging comes under content marketing. Blogs which talk about every other stuff makes it difficult for robots to fit it into a specific category and thus robots often ignores it in SERPs

  3. The third reason is about giving a unique interface which includes both content and design. Looking at your blog gives an impression of several other blogs especially mbt from footer. This discourages subscriptions and people rarely subscribe such blogs, as a result effecting returning visitors which means high bounce rate and low pageviews

  4. Clean up your design, users want to read your articles and don’t want to get fascinated by those colourful widgets everywhere! Focus on a user friendly interface. Your load time is not bad but the UI needs attention

  5. Lastly you are not focusing on a unique Content. Most often you are sharing computer tools or news that are already published on millions of pages already then how come you beat up the competition? Your blogger tutorials may be unique but since your domain in not subject specific why would Google ever rank you over other blogger blogs which are Topic specific?

Think about all these points patiently and then start working on them from today, don’t get yourself demotivated because I had the exact same problems during my initial start but after taking advises life took a U-Turn, you are more lucky than us because you have so many mentors around to guide you so wake up and get things done right from Today! :thought_balloon: :smiley:

Can any noble man examine my site and guide me why no traffic is coming? And plz tell me why traffic is coming?
Should a Domain name contain Your Main Keyword?

First, Thank You for writing this long reply for me.

So I think, I have to delete PFCI Tech! and have to create a another and new blogger blog. I think to name it as ‘Blog By Blogger’ or ‘Blogger Magical Tricks’ or ‘Blogger Helper Guide’ which would you prefer?


the last two sounds cool and yes creating a new blog is a better idea than wasting time on one that failed in bringing traffic.


Which one I choose? ‘Blogger Magical Tricks’ or ‘Blogger Helper Guide’?


depends which one is available for registration!


See Mohammad, bloggerhelperguide.com is available! can i buy?


use any easy, short, keyword specific and easily memorable domain. The current is keyword specific but too long.

@Templatezy and @Rohan Common guys help your brother here with suggestions :smile:

NOTE: carry this discussion at


Ok my next msg will at that post. But please reply with your suggestions is that post.


Hi @Shivansh, This was such an innocent question.

I suggest you to join blogging communities if you want more comments and engagement on your blog. Also, I see you don’t have a social media strategy. Try promoting yourself and your blog on various social media.

I hope this helps. – Rohan Chaubey.


@Rohan Thanks for replying

In PM, Mohammad told me some reason for why my blog is not growing and still a child. So, I discontinued PFCI Tech! and created a new blog here: http://www.bloggerguiders.blogspot.com. I have only posted 2 posts in this blog because it is only 2 days old. Please take a look to articles and tell me if they are unique or note or well written or seo optimized or not. I have written both articles long (first is 500+ words and second have 700+ words). And In about two days, I got 26 likes on Facebook because of sharing more and more.

Please Don’t Forget To Comment on That Two Posts If You like Because they are new, Not Copied :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:


Good to know that you created a new blog. I am sure you will succeed. I suggest you to join some blogging community too so that you can learn from others and share your own posts with them.

I believe in reciprocation. I hope you understand my hint. :wink: