URGENT : Suspicious Activity is Happening on my Adsense Account


Today when i was seeing my adsense account i saw some suspicious activity on my adsense account. For more clarity see the image below

It’s unnatural. You can see the difference between page views and clicks i got.

How can i find who has done this and how can i solve this. Because this can let my adsense get banned which i don’t want.

Waiting for fast reply from expert.


@shahsantosh are you using blogger or wordpress … Sometimes it may be a click bomber … Delete the Ads from your site for 5 or 6 days … Also register a A/c with Statcounter and add analytic counter to your blog , By using that you can track the clicker and stop them from visiting your site … I can’t explain more by replaying so i will Pm you Post … Refer that you can really stop them .


Thank @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC . I will check it out. And for your kind info, my adsense account is back to normal :smile: