[Urgent] Does adding custom Domain will effect on Search Rank?


Hi All blogger, Take my Saalam. In Nov 2016 i have asked question - Is it Possible to Make bollywoodhungama.com WP Template in Blogger? (link: Is it Possible to Make bollywoodhungama.com WP Template in Blogger?) but no one can answer. Its really unexpected. After Long time tried i have successfully make this. My blog age almost 4 months (http://guruhungama.blogspot.com). my blog received traffic from google search. Now I want to add custom domain in my blog. my questions are

  1. Does adding custom domain will effect on my current search traffic.
  2. If some one search my Old blog can he/she redirect my new domain?
  3. What will be happen the link whose are indexed by by google?
  4. Will my new domain received traffic from old domain by google search?

It will be highly appreciated if anybody answer my questions.

Thanks to all


You cannot just upgrade your blog to a custom domain at any time it has some disadvantages. As quoted by @denharsh

If you’re blogging for a year and can drive lots of traffic, then your blog will have built up some domain authority. But when you switch to a custom domain, you will lose all of that DA, and you’ll have to start from the beginning. Even though you can maintain your rank in SERPs, your DA will go back to 0. When you search for your blog in search engines, your new address won’t be visible for a while. It takes time for Google to pass on the link juice (after a 301 redirection) from an old sub-domain to your new root TLD. You’ll need to update your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts to reflect your new name. While you can always use the old analytics codes in a new domain, it would be odd to measure your metrics for a new domain name under the old domain name. You will need to submit a sitemap to all search engines again. You’ll need to update your blog’s address on all social media profiles When you shift from a sub-domain to a custom domain, you need to re-brand and re-market this new domain name.


Dear, Can you Plz tell me the steep by steep … What should do i first after adding custom domain and the last


You mean how to setup the custom domain in blogger?


If yes then go to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic Click setup a custom third party domain and enter your domain. Now it will give you an error with two CNAME records. Add thesr records in your domain’s DNS settings and save. Now again click save in blogger and done. (Note it might take some time for DNS Settings to update so be patient)


Bro, I want to know after adding custom domain activities. such as… webmaster tools,


Dear Bro, I also suggest to visit my blog and check the meta code. becoz, when i share my post in G+ its shows wrong title and description.


Login to your Google Webmaster Tool account. Open the website which you want to move. Click on the “Gear” icon & select “Change of Address”. Change of address

On the next page, pick your new site from the list. Confirm that the 301-redirects work properly (see above). Check that verification methods are still present. Google Change of address tool

Once you have confirmed everything, click on “Submit”.

You will see this message:

“Submitted – Your request for a site move has succeeded. If you believe this is an error, you can withdraw the request.”


For the Google Plus issue refer to this post Show Artocle Description on Blogger BTW Google is shutting down Google Plus