Update old post with current Date


Hello Friends,
I have a question,
Suppose I publish a post on 2 Jan 2014 after this date, some one copy my entire post. Now I want to update my post with current date and new content. Is my post will be duplicate after changing the date.
I mean, Can I change the date while updating old post?
please guide me How to update old post correctly.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @ch_irfan_ghani2020, This post should not be posted under “SEO Settings”. It would be more relevant if you post this under “Uncategorized” or “Get Started” category.

To answer your question:

  1. Find the post for which you would like to change the date and click Edit.
  2. Under post settings, Click on “Published on”.
  3. Click the radio button “Set date and time” and change the date to whatever you would like.
  4. Click update and you would see the changes applied to the date and time.

Hope this helps.

-Rohan Chaubey.


Hello @ch_irfan_ghani2020 ,
If you want to Update the Date and Post too then why should you don’t create the new post. You mentioned that your Post is copied by someone then you can complaint it to Google for violation of the Copyrighted Data. Steps to complaint and the complaint link is in my Site. Open my Profile for my Site link.

Harman Singh Hira
Design Devta


You are right Brother. But some where I read, We should update those posts that are getting lots of visitor. Actually my website related entertainment Niche. and I am receiving total visitor from Google search Engine. Just Please tell me. is my post will be duplicate after changing the date.


Hi Rohan. Thanks for reply. I know , How to to change the date. This is not my question. Please just tell me. If I change the date of my old post that some one copied already. is that post will be duplicate or not. Thanks in advance.


I think you do not need to change the date. You just need to create a new linked and send the link to the old posts. You also can share your old posts on social networking to increase the visitors back.


Hello @ch_irfan_ghani2020,

Okay! So you said that if you change the Post’s date then is it affect your Visitor. Well the answer is No. Google Index your Post through Post’s Title and Search Description. If you changed the Post’s Date and Content then it will not affect on your Visitors but if you create the new Post and delete the existing posts then you will loose all Visitors from that posts.

I already mentioned above that if someone copied your content then send complaint to Google. They will remove the content from his/her site.


Hello @ HarmanSinghHira Ok thanks for Reply. Just Last Question. Actually I created a Event Base website in 2014 for New Year Wishes 2015. and Thanks God, I received about 7 Lac Visitor in 2 days. Now I want to change all post Title 2015 to 2016. and my question is, Should I change the Date also or just change the Title Only? Sorry for poor Eng. Thanks in advance.

Regards: Rana Irfan


I don’t sure @ch_irfan_ghani2020 about this. Maybe @Mohammad can helps you on this…


Hello Mustafa Bro, Please Help me. I am so worry about it. Please any one else,

Thanks in advance.


Hi @ch_irfan_ghani2020,

Hi Irfan, Looking/reading your question gave an impression that you what the steps to update the date as well. A slight improvement in your writing style/language would be appreciated by me. It will help us understanding you better.

If someone has copied your post why do you want to change date and the content in it. Just go and fire a complaint against the content stealer.

Still if you want to change your content it is completely upon you. Try not changing your post title. Might hurt your rankings. Also make sure by updating you direct all the juice to some more better content. Still I suggest you that instead of changing your post try getting the content removed from the site which copied your content.

-Rohan Chaubey.


@ch_irfan_ghani2020 Editing the post timestamp and content will surely not fall in the category of duplicate content. You are free to manage your blog posts and keep them fresh and updated. Google appreciate updated content.

But make sure you do not change the contents completely else it will effect the traffic coming to that post based on the old index content. Yo can surely make slight changes but avoid adding external links inside it as much as possible (looks suspicious to robots), you can surely add internal links if you want