Unwanted view on blogger before even making blog visible to search engines


Hi. I have a technical query about my first blog on blogger or anywhere

for that matter. I have not yet made my blog visible to search engines

nor given it out to anyone and still there is a view which constantly

shows up on my stats once or twice a week from a different country than

mine. My blog is still not ready with the content that I want to give

out and I’m only still working on the look and html part of it. I have

also changed the url of my blog once or twice to check this. Inspite of

that, this one view keeps ccoming every now and then forcing me to

think if my IP adress has been hacked and my net activity being

watched.Is there a possibility of this? If yes, is there a solution to

this? I think I should mention that there are mischiefs around me who

are capable of doing this and would do it at any given chance.


Blocking a blog from search engines or blogger directory can not prevent spam bots or traffic

You need to set it to private from blogger > settings > basics

Only then ips will be blocked from accessing it :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the info Mohammad. That was great help.