Unknown redirect from new blog to older


Unknown redirect from new blog to older.

Hi. Somebody help. I moved my blog. For example name1.blogspot.com to name2.blogspot.com later i set up my personal domain on name2.blogspot.com and sometimes is going redirect to my frist blog: name1.blogspot.com How i could stop this redirect?



Without looking your template code, I can’t say anything.


Ok. Link for download: app.box.com/s/okgtpmho5o3doapk8fexifwa8o3h01s5


Give your blog url to check out what was really happening

  • Have you tried your template in other blog means dummy blog


Their is no issue in your template

Go to Blogger dashboard >> Click on Setting >> Search preferences

Make sure that their no custom redirect in your blog

Hope this may help you !!!

Waiting for your Reply whether this work or not

Regards Sudhansu


I already checked there is no custom redirect.


Drop your blog url here to check about this issue