Unknown Blogger Features! You should Know about it


Google blogger platform have many features. As a Blogger we don’t know all the features of BlogSpot. Now A Days there are zillion of readers reading blogs on the internet and they always use search engines for their queries. But some of us want to read Local blogs in our native language and some of us want to read by their interests. So today, I’m going to share these features with all of you - How to Find Blogger Blogs by Specific country, Locations, Interests and Keywords? Unknown Tricks to Find Blogger Blogs by Specific country, Locations, Interests and Keywords? 1st- Find Blog By Specific Country

http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=IN - For India http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=US - For USA http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=PK - For Pakistan http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=UK - For United Kingdom http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=BD - For Bangladesh

Sounds Interesting Right? Okay now we are going little deeper. If you want to search blog with specific location of specific country then use below URLs.

http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=US&loc1=florida - Blogs from Florida - USA. http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=US&loc1=florida&loc2=miami - Blogs from Florida, Miami - USA. http://www.blogger.com/profile-find.g?t=l&loc0=IN&loc1=Lucknow - Blogs from Lucknow -India.

Now we are going to share, How To Search Blogs by Interests?, How To Search Blogs by Keywords? and much more about these unknown features.

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