Understand blogger template file?


alsalmo alykom (peace to you) my question include 3 parts:

  1. i want to understand every bit of blogger template file,in order to target it in css. especially there are repeated chunks of code? is there any comprehensive source for that.

  2. I’d also want to ask about recommended sources for java script and j query learning.

  3. in some paid templates they use something like shortCodes where client put something like this ( [label name] [color][number]) and every thing is brought to the widget. how this is done.



Firstly, You don’t need to buy paid templates or something for short codes! @Mohammad from MBT has created this shortcodes and you can look that on MBT’s Blog and He has explained that how it works!

Second thing If you gotta learn Languages Like HTML/CSS and Javascript then the best premium place I recommend is CodeAvengers

Now Lets come to your main Question. Blogger Templates They consist of HTML,CSS,Javascripts,jQuery etc.

There are 4 main Structural parts of blogger template



Main content



Footer (credits)

Coding Part :-

it all starts with <html> then the <head> </head> part comes where we put the CSS and Some Scripts also we can put scripts after the part and betn the head and body in (Some cases)

And after all the HTML part Comes where


part is where you have to put all the HTML Codings and than finally a blogger Template is created!

And for Css you have to write it all on your own :smiley:

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Happy Blogging :wink: :smiley: :blush:

– Nafees


I agree to @Nafees, If you want to learn from the scratch try CodeAvengers[dot]com. Gradually you will understand the codes. And for short codes as Nafees mentioned, check the MBT blog; @Mohammad has amazingly brought in, the revolution. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


Its True!

I sometimes think that if blogger will give some access able customizations in the url (categories.etc. ) Then great people like @Mohammad will be able to develop more tools like this and due to these big efforts Blogger will be better than Wordpress One day :smiley:


thank you all. but what I ment is I need explanation of the code funk responsible for e.g. post title, comments…etc in main page(index) and post page(item page) and so on for every part of template code