Unable to Remove structured data error in blog


I have tried method shown here to remove error for updated and author. made blogger code updation but shows the same…nothing happnes…so, please, guide me .how to solve it.

Here is the code i changed…but nothing happended…if any problem in it…please, guide me

 <span class='post-author vcard' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/Person'>
                <b:if cond='data:top.showAuthor'>
                  <b:if cond='data:post.authorProfileUrl'>
                    <span class='fn author' itemprop='name' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/Person'>
                      <meta expr:content='data:post.authorProfileUrl' itemprop='url'/>
                      <a expr:href='data:post.authorProfileUrl' rel='author' title='author profile'>
                        <span itemprop='name'><data:post.author/></span>
                    <span class='fn' itemprop='name' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/Person'>
                      <span itemprop='name'><data:post.author/></span>


i dont know why code not appearing here…pls…i m newbie…let me know


Please follow this tutorial - http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2014/04/remove-all-structured-data-errors-on.html