Unable to edit header via "Layout"


My website no longer lets me edit the “Header” section via the “Layout”. Although it shows the “Header” area, when I click on the edit button nothing happens.

I imagine I might have accidentally removed some code that enables the edit facility to function; does anyone please have any idea how I can repair this, what code needs to be present etc?


Can you explain up with some screenshots?


Sadly not - as a new member of the forum I cannot paste images! But it is pretty easy to explain: I go into “Layout” to adjust my Header “gadget”. However, although the edit button is showing bottom right, when I click on it, nothing happens.

At the moment I have an image that is too big next to my header text. I want to upload a smaller image but cannot do this, as I cannot edit the header via Layout.


OH! Sorry :frowning: Never faced this type of problem. Try to Contact Blogger Support


Have you tested your template file in another blog if not than test it


Yes, just done that and the problem remains the same in the other blog, so I am guessing there is something in the underlying code? Thanks for trying to help.


can you tell me the name of your template? Actually this doesn’t concern with blogger’s API in anyways,Although would like to check it :slight_smile:


upload your xml file here to find out actual problem in that template


The theme is a “Simple” one I think. I have customised it to quite a degree.


Sadly the system tells me that .xml files are not allowed to be posted.

Also as a “new user” I cannot upload ANY files yet!


Upload any other site(google drive, mediafire, dropbox etc) and link it here



At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this site will not let me insert or paste links, because I am a new user!

I have all the code in a Google Drive doc - I just can’t share it via this site! Arrrggghh…


You can send link by giving space in it.


I have put a space after https:

https: //docs.google.com/document/d/1Sf2BepeEwj3W3_pOYA9aWWZyWnjkxNpQHFV7Fa-TnPw/edit?usp=docslist_api


this is not look like blogger template Something missing

Where is <b:section> of header be sure that you have uploaded correct xml code in that document