Troubleshooting Page number navigation in my blog


Hey i am come to solve my problem . in my blog i am add page number navigation but my page number navigation need some type of troubleshooting like i am when hover on my page number navigation to go on new page like 1 page to 2 page it show link but when i am click on 2 page it work properly. please help @Shivansh @mohammad @nafees


Bro I Checked And Your Page Navigation Is Working Fine :smile:

This is happening due to JS but no tension as this happens generally in all of the page navigation widgets even in MBT ! :smiley:


thanks man but my page number navigation show after some time any the trick to trouble shoot please help @ngtechzone


This Is Happening Because You Have Put The Navigation CSS And JS In The End Of Template , To Make It Load Fast Place The CSS And Js In <head> Section Of Template. And Your Template Is Also Big So It Takes Time To Load :smiley:


@ngtechzone, it would make @kingmuku’s template more slow to load.

@kingmuku, you should keep all the scripts above </body> in your template. It would make your main content load faster and thus, make your blog more optimized.

@ngtechzone, doing such will order the browser to load and work on page navigation first. Thus, it would delay loading main content.


Yes You’re Saying Correct But Then If He Wants To Make The Pager Fast He Should Try To Compress Its CSS And Js :smiley:


@kingmuku, here’s a quick trick for you to make it faster:

  • Firstly, find this in your template:

    <script src=''></script>

  • And replace that with this:

    <script async='async' src=''></script>

This would undoubtedly increase the loading speed of your page navigation, and it will also not delay the loading of the main content. Rather, it will continuously load in the background. :smile:

Thanks, Shivansh


@Shivansh Blogger template does not support async attribute. The page speed solution is embed js directly or externally, or convert HTML code into parse code, just like we did for Google Adsense.

@kingmuku, you should not worry about it. :slight_smile:


@Arjunsinh_Chauhan It supports. You can async=‘async’ if you want a script load asyncronously.

async=‘async’ = async

Because async=‘async’ gets converted into ‘async’ when it gets loaded on web browser. For proof, you can use inspect element.


Yep, It works :slight_smile: Thanks :v I never know about it :slight_smile:


Always welcome. :smile: @Arjunsinh_Chauhan


thankyou bro shivnash and sorry for late reply bro you helped so much .


Welcome @kingmuku. I am glad that it helped you. :smile: