Transition splash ad in blogger - where to implant the code?


Hi everyone,

I got some scripts from en advertise company for transition splash ads (page with ads that display a couple of seconds before the post is loading) for my blog.

Could someone here please help me and tell me where do I need to implant those scripts in blogger?

Tx for anyone,


Some websites instruct the website owner to paste their scripts between the tags and some instructs to place anywhere between the tag.

Read instructions of the ads script offering websites.


You can directly use widget for that kind of ads. If it is only javascript code, then don’t need to place on specific tags. :slight_smile:

Just Go to layout> Add Gadget > Add HTML/JavaScript gadget, and paste it, save it :smiley:

Beware, some kind of ads, hurt user experience and so on, it’s hurt your SEO as well.