Tonight Blogger Blogs will see a Massive Traffic Drop by Mobile-Friendly Google's Algorithm


After 12:00 AM tonight i.e. 21 April 2015, Blogger blogs world wide especially in India, Pakistan , Indonesia and Australia will see a massive traffic drop. Only those websites will be effected which are not mobile responsive.

A number of the world’s biggest brands will also be be punished by Google’s latest update unless they quickly make their sites more mobile-friendly.

Google web spam team led by matt cutts announced in February that it is making changes to its mobile search algorithm to give “mobile-friendly” sites a higher ranking compared to one which is not mobile responsive and fluid in design. They want to give a clear and clean user interface to their users and smooth mobile browsing experience with high resolution images, zoomed content, large text display, wider buttons etc. for which they will add a Mobile Friendly label in SERPs next to all sites which have installed the meta viewport tag and have applied CSS3 media queries to make their styelsheet responsive. iPhone also now shows the label “Reader View Available” for sites which are responsive.

More Details here: What You Need To Know About Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Update?

I will write detailed tutorials on how to make your blogs mobile responsive and create a custom Responsive stylesheet using CSS3 Media Queries.

A Quick fix till that time is to enable your Mobile view from blogger Template settings page.

  1. Go To Blogger > Template
  2. Click the Gear icon and select the option
  • Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.

This option will show a default mobile version of your current template on mobile devices like iPhone, Samsung, Tablets etc.

Stay tuned for my tutorials:

:link: Design Responsive Blogger Templates

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Google Panda, Penguin or any Update Indirectly Rolling Right Now?

yeah, already sore on it and made my blog responsive :smiley:


A shocking news. Sir I have setup dynamic view template for mobile devices but still my blog’s PageSpeed score for mobile is just 51. How to improve it plus my blog’s page load speed is also not good.


Thank you Mustafa sir for the timely reminder.


thank you so much brother to remind us but how can we check our website is mobile friendly i know how to check responsive template


My blog is always responsive I think am not to worry about that anymore. Thanks for sharing


No worries dear, let me write a series of tutorial on making your custom templates responsive and then I will share which conflicting scripts and widgets to cut to ensure a smooth page load time. I am more regular at blogging now and will try to share all that I have applied so far inshAllah


I am glad Google took that step finally even drastically as to penalizing those sites but in this world and today’s mobile-backed technologies which is booming year by year, I feel okay they took that dangerous step to make web-world a mobile-friendly.

Thanks for the reminder! I was mobile-friendly since a year ago but made sure due this announcement if I am still. :smile:


Hi @Adeel sir, Good to know that your site was already mobile-friendly. And welcome to Blogger Help Forum. I am so happy to see you here. Hope you enjoy interacting and helping others as you are a power user. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


Hello the ninja @Rohan,

Thank you mate for the welcome! Always up to help and get helped! :smile: And excited to be the part of MBT’s BHF! :slight_smile:

See me often!


@Tariq_aziz You can use google Mobile-friendly Test tool to check if your website is mobile friendly or not.

Here is the link >>Mobile-Friendly Test Tool


I would completely agree to what you said but the announcement made by them was so early that some corporate sites having million of pages failed to optimise all their static pages and dynamic ones based on the criteria google mentioned and the criteria is so time cruel for non-blog sites that they can barely fulfil that small headlines and lesser content requirements on their product pages within the allotted time

Luckily bloggers are given a big relief when it comes to content size and headline limit

One strange fact

Most of google product sites are not mobile friendly themselves! For instance client interface of Google analytics :slight_smile:


So Mohammad, Google will take down Google Analytics on Search Engine?


Hello Mustafa Bro, Thanks :slight_smile: This will help to get down some competitors :smiley:


Do you think Google can ever be so transparent in its actions? :innocent:



I am busy in renovation of a quite biggest surprise for all young bloggers Alhamdulillah. Forgive me for being absent on the forum, I am managing 10 responsiblities at a time these days.

I request @samurai and all active forum memebers like @Rohan @NamanKumar, @Templatezy and @Shivansh and Of course my great buddy @denharsh to take care of everything till that time. I will be sharing my views as soon as I get free. I will be free within a week inshAllah.


@Mohammad, I eagerly await to know what you are up to. :slight_smile: Gook luck, I am sure it would be something great!



Hi @Mohammad @Rohan Its really weird that google ranking websites on its responsiveness, on the other hand its own product Blogspot doesn’t have a responsive design. :sweat:


Hi @Susheel_karam, I am sure you would agree that usage of mobile to access the Internet has substantially increased. So all the sites must be mobile-friendly for better user experience. That is when the concept of responsiveness comes in!



hi @Rohan
Iam not surprised about ranking based on responsiveness. I am surprised that even now dashboard is not responsive.