Title is not showing on Next/Previous Navigation Widget


I am trying to add this widget by MBT

As on the tutorial i followed the all steps. Everything is fine but the title in not showing. But i can navigate to previous or next post. Only the title is not showing.

You can check it on my blog (http://www.spicytechtips.com/2014/12/best-audio-universal-tag-editor-mp3tag.html)

I tried to change the .post h3.post-title code to .post h1.post-title & .post h2.post-title but still not working.

Help needed please.


I found, that you are using h3 in that code that’s why it is not working. Use h1 instead of h3 and you will see that widget will surely work.

You can replace <script> to </script> in mbt page navigation by following:

<script type='text/javascript'> 
    var newerLink = $('a.newer-link'); 
    var olderLink = $('a.older-link'); 
    $.get(newerLink.attr('href'), function (data) { 
     newerLink.html('<strong>Next</strong> <span>'+$(data).find('.post h1.post-title').text()+'</span>');    
    $.get(olderLink.attr('href'), function (data2) { 
     olderLink.html('<strong>Previous</strong> <span>'+$(data2).find('.post h1.post-title').text()+'</span>');    

Hope It Help!


i had already mentioned on my post that i changed h3 to h1 and also to h2 but it’s still not working.Only title are not showing but i can navigate to next and previous post.



You are missing one step that is you just required to change:

.post h3.post-title to .post h2.post-title in 2 places that was bold by @Mohammad in the above tutorial. see the screenshots below:

Before replacing h3 to h2:

Find and change these underline tags with h2:

After replacing h3 to h2:

If you can’t to do this then share your URL so I’ll do my job with ease and success :wink:


@Mr_Raja I had already tried that but it’s now working. My blog url (www.spicytechtips.com)


try replacing it (H2 or H3) with H1 tags and share the results here :blush:


@Mr_Raja I had already posted on my above post. I did all that.

It’s not working


oh! cool down bro, its not a rocket science: can you send me the template or made me admin of your blog so I can help you in better way


Problem solved. Thanks all for support. .


Bro your template has more than 3 post title tags in different places so it takes more time because normal templates only includes 1 title tag. Your template shows different title tags like somewhere it shows H1 for post title and somewhere it shows h2 for title. SO its difficult to track the exact problem.


What i need to do now? Will this navigation widget not work on my blog.

I hope @Mohammad brother can help it.