Thumbnail on homepage doesn't click able


Hello everyone and nice day to you.

As mentioned in the title, thumbnail on homepage doesn’t click able. I don’t know what is the reason.

It take me for 4 hours but i can’t find out the problem to fix it.

Please help me.

My blog is: blogdesignaz_blogspot_com (I’m not allow to post full link) Thank you very much for any advance.


If possible, can you give me the template? I am unable to solve it by just reading and viewing source of the template because some codes gets changed after processing. So if you can…


Yes, this is the code:


Try this XML (it’s in txt): Blog design A-Z.txt (116.1 KB)


Thank you very much but it still doesn’t work. Only middle of thumbnail clickable. It means the space bellow title and above summary is clickable. Could you please create a new blogspot and test it?


Shivansh have done wondeful work you have to just adjust your css code make your work done

Go to Template >> Edit Html

Find .post-body { font-size: 110%; line-height: 1.4; position: relative; }

remove position: relative;

Check your template and happy blogging


I want to say a big thank to @Shivansh and @technohalf. Exactly, “position: relative;” properties caused that issue.