This is it! The blogger game changer that we are seeking for!


This revolutional blogger forum is just wonderful! (its systematic and full of strategems) Without the great help and supports from MBT, my blogging career might not continue till today.

stay awesome Mohammad bro and team! thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi @melakashop, You have something nice to say, why not give your feedback by creating a post under feedback category. I am sure Mustafa sir would love to hear from you.

By the way, you can ask your questions here under this category if you are a beginner with Blogger. :slight_smile:

Good day!


It always a pleasure having you dear! Thank you for all your consecutive feedback and motivation and I was waiting to hear from you :slight_smile:

We now have over 540 registered members and over 2000 posts within less than two weeks mashAllah! All credit goes to people like you and all those who encourage our efforts and help us do better