There's a Small Bug In The Forum


Hello Bloggers. Today, I am here for reporting a bug that came into forum (I don’t know when). Today, I opened BHF and got this bug.

If this is happening to only me, then may be, its my browser’s fault. But I think (probably) this is happening with everyone’s BHF opened tab. Isn’t it?

Here’s a image of the bug:-


@Shivansh No brother this is not happening anywhere. Neither on my laptop nor on my PC :smiley: This may be a bug in your browser only, Check FireFox or Some other browser


Hmm…I think that was a temprary bug. Now, that bug is not appearing on my laptop also!

By the way, thanks for this fast response. :smile:


Shivansh, It is not appearing at my end.


@Rohan, I already said:

It appeared for only some minutes.


I was confirming that nothing like that appeared at my end. :slight_smile: ‘smiles and walks off’


I also confirm that I am not facing that bug.