The best cheap hosting for blogging platform especially for hobby bloggers


First of all I want to introduce myself because despite being from Pakistan I am still unknown to entire blogging community here. I am Mi Muba and run my three blogs 1) pollutionpollution{dot}com 2) beamoneyblogger{dot}com and 3) sarmayakar{dot}com I joined this forum to get guidance and suggestions to run my Urdu blog at #3 above that is on Blogger platform. I don’t earn from it and will hardly earn in future as there is not much demand of its niche investment in Urdu so I run it just to raise public awareness on small investing options. Because of this blog I do get a lot of publication contracts from investing companies but directly I don’t earn from it. So I need a local hosting company that should be not so bad and very cheap to shift my blog from free hosting to paid hosting just for the security. Please do refer any tested hosting company and please don’t give any wild guess.


try ipage, read the article, coupon is the article, using this, you will get a domain and hosting for 12$ for an year

i hope it helps you. remember there is a slight loading time issue, like it takes 2 to 3 seconds. i am not sure it happen with all ipage shared hosting or just with me,