Text on Image and Image on text


Hello There, The Tittle is quite confusing but lemme explain you. What I want basically is that there is an background image and on which i want to add some text and then i want to add a cutout image from PS on that text.

is it possible to do with some CSS or HTML if yes then I am really thankful to you guys!!!


Nothing is impossible but can you give an example of what you want like?


As @sasikareti said, @Nafees It would be great if you could provide us an example. Also your Topic and post was not that clear. I understood partially.

Would you mind explaining once again the below lines:

~ Rohan.


I think he means that, we have a picture full of continuous text on it. And then he want the text to have a font such that, it appears like the alphabets are cut out from that picture. Let me search for an example, then I’ll share it here.

But I don’t think that is possible with CSS or Java or not even with JS. It can only be done with PS or any other tool.


I think You want to Make Blogger post Featured image containing Title with Suitable Background. But it is not Possible >Best way is to Use Photoshop