Template problems, please help


Hey, i’m Sarah from the blog seriouslysarah that just started up to day and honestly its not even ready at all, its all weird and empty. This is the problem, see, I have been looking at sites in order to get better templates and I have found loads that I really love, so I have downloaded them (i’ve only clicked sites that say they do blogger templates) and then when I go to download them on to my blogger, theres these error messages and saying things about not accepting zip files and all this crap, like why? I don’t get it? How do I fix this problem? Please if anyone knows, I’d really like to go all out on this blog and make it specific to my own style and creativity and its just so hard, please if anyone can help me overcome these problems I would be so greatful. Thanking you, SeriouslySarah


See Sarah lemme clear a concept to you,you might know html? So blogger parses XHTML format so does Xml so there will be a file included in the zip. Extract that zip file and You will get the XML file then upload it on blogger