Tell me the names of top 10 Google adsense alternatives in your own experience


I know there is no Adsense Alternative at all. Some other services can be used if Google adsense is beyond your reach. There are many possible reasons for this.

I want to know your own experience. Details are not required. Only names of these alternatives are expected.


Hello @shahzad478, Here is the list of Top 10 Adsense Alternatives:

  1. Revenue Hits
  2. Infolinks
  3. Amazon Associates
  4. BuySellAds
  5. Chitika
  6. Propeller Ads Media
  7. Tribal Fusion
  8. Adversal
  9. Qadabra
  10. Adengage

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I would say there is really no best alternative except buysellads and Ads. Rest all are experimented mechanisms that rarely pay good and can not be trusted either, at least not infolinks.

These are the ones I really recommend the following

  1. [Buysellads] : Probably best than AdSense also!
  2. : A joint Contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing so surely trust-able.


@Mohammad Bro and what are the requirement to get approved on buysell ads? Will we have to remove adsense ads while applying to it? or some other condition too?


Hmm, There are many requirements to get approved on buysell ads. Some of are:

  1. Your website should exist on its own domain and not a subdomain of a blog or website service. Exmaples include Blogger, WordPress, etc…
  2. Your website should have a clean and professional design that is user-friendly and not cluttered or chaotic.
  3. Your website should be free of errors.
  4. Your website should have real, established traffic with at least 50,000 page impressions per month. If a publisher registers a domain and then quickly uses a service to purchase bulk / false clicks to increase page impressions for the purpose of selling ads, the site would be rejected. (These unethical traffic practices also have a very negative effect on domains and future interactions with ad networks, so establishing traffic in this manner should never be considered for any website.)
  5. Your website should not already have an abundance of ads. The more ads on your site, the less exclusivity you have to offer.
  6. Your website should be updated regularly with unique content. If you submit a blog and have only posted a few blog posts so far, then your website would not be accepted because it does not yet have enough content (and more than likely, not enough traffic yet).

For More Information, Go to Knowledge Base of Buysell

And, You are not required to remove adsense ads before applying it because, MBT is also using both, Buysell ads and Adsense. :smile:


@Shivansh brother! Can you simply review my site : for whether it has abundance of ads and can be approved? As the traffic is good!


how much pageviews your are getting in 1 day?


Well you can see the stats here brother @Shivansh :

It goes aroung 8K views! But can u look at the placement of ads which i currently have! I feel it will not get approved :frowning: Can you please check?


Please read this

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Well, All things are good but header is not looking so pretty because that ads. Can you resize the Blog Title font and disappear or put the description below title not on side. :smile:


@Mohammad Sorry for posting it wrong and thank you too! Well @Shivansh Thank You Very Much now i can apply for BSA! And also Do check your PM :smile:


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@shahzad478 The 10 Top 10 Google adsense alternative according to me are:

  1. Revenue Hits
  2. Adversal
  3. Propeller Ads Media
  4. Tribal Fusion
  5. Chitika
  6. Qadabra
  7. BuySell Ads
  8. Amazon Associates
  9. Infolinks


HI @shahzad478 … is best Google Adsense alternative according to me…