Tell me something about my blog design and writing style



Give me marks out of 100 for each question.

1-my blog overall design

2-my writing style

3-uniqueness of content

4-your first impression

5-anything else as you like.

blog url:

bundle of thanks in advance


well, your blog loading speed have impressed me so much. It loads fast. Now, about the design, your blog’s design is simple but not bad.

Suggestion: You can update your blog design to a Good Template (In Design and also in Loading). Your present template is also good but it is so simple.

Secondly, You can and should use social widgets like facebook like box, Google+ Follower Box and Twitter feed widget to get some social traffic to your blog.

I am impressed with your writing method.

About the widgets, you should use some widgets that make users or visitors to stay in your site. You can add Related Posts Widget, Sharing buttons and much more (But not too much because it effect loading speed).


Design - 40/100 (Not very attractive, just very simple one) Writting - 75/100 (I should say that, you seriously have studied many blog posts on other blogs and developed your writting skills. Specially the first heading “Hey, I Can Help Your Blog To Get More Fame.” which came in sight was well planned.) Content - 60/100 (Content is not very much attention gaining and is also not very much unique) First Impression - 40/100 (Due to the design)

For more detailed help you can send me a private message or just drop me a line at

Happy Blogging!

  • Naman Kumar


Design- 40 Speed- 95 Writing- 70 Content- 60

Your blog is good, but needs many improvements.


Bundle of thanks for @Shivansh @NamanKumar @whattechsays I have changed my blog design due to unexpected feedback.

Humble request to you, kindly check my blog design one time more. give me suggestions whether i can use it (by customizing or as it is) or change it entirely with another one.

Marks on design are also required.



I’m also really impressed by the loading speed of this blog.


Hi @shahzad478,

Nice to see you asking for an review. I would not like to grade you but will guide you. :slight_smile:

1. Blog design - You have got a clean and neat design. Your posts are much readable and neat to read. As fas as my understanding and knowledge, a bit work on footer will do great for you. Try sorting your posts in the footer, add proper About page and other relevant pages.

2. Your writing style - Your writing style is cool. But your post title fails to deliver what readers might expect. Try working on your titles. You need to watch your grammar skills or some online grammar tools might help.

3. Unique content - Actually I have a bad news for you. I am sorry but some of your articles are closely looking same as some on other blogs.

Link to your blog:

Link to the blog which has similar articles as you:

4. First Impression - Good. But not too impressive by looking at the post titles. I am being too honest. Please forgive me if I sound too blunt.

5. Anything else I would like to add - Try working on unique contents and read other reputed blogs to catch their professional writing style. Your writing style is nice but would be great with little more enhancement.

Hope this helps.

-Rohan Chaubey.


Your site loads fast & is really good looking. Keep it fresh buddy.