Survived a Terrible Accident Few days ago


This is to inform that I had a terrible accident 3 days ago on my way back home. Had several scratches and burns on half my body. I can not share the details of accident of what caused it but just keep good care of yourselves and your loved ones. :vertical_traffic_light:

I humbly apologize to everyone who are still waiting for their answers. I am recovering fast and will reply all queries posted on the forum from today onwards inshAllah.

We are also launching the biggest development ever made to Blogger blogs tonight inshAllah. This new change will change your blogging experience forever. :star2:

Stay healthy and keep good care of yourselves and drive safely with open eyes.


brother take care your self may ALLAH give you good health and bless you you just take rest till you get good condition


Take rest and Get well soon bro. So the biggest development is launching tonight, that’s great bro. I’m not gonna sleep tonight :slight_smile:


Oh! Take Care of you Mohammad. May God give you Good Health and Recover you fastly. I will not sleep on today’s night.


So happy to read that you are recovering. May God shower his choicest blessings on you. Wishing you happiness, good health and good luck with releasing upcoming development with Blogger. I saw some demo blogs which you shared with your Google+ profile and they were really amazing. You are a Gem. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Haha Shivansh, You don’t need to suppress your sleep. I guess once published, sir would not take it off from his blog. :stuck_out_tongue:


one more time brother i really appropriate your writing style whenever you write you always use some new word in your conversation i like it keep going


Awh! Thank you Tariq for the appreciation. It just happens naturally. :slight_smile:


@Mohammad Sad to hear about the accident. And also glad you are recovering fast. Get well soon brother.


Ohh God, I just saw this.

Please take rest and take care of you Mr. Mohammad, Get well soon.

Our Friends… @Rohan, @Shivansh, @NamanKumar, @mybloggertricks and few others really helping in forum…



I hope you will be healthy soon and may Allah bless you and i want to say one thing more which is related to driving, driving any vehicle is always risk mostly in pakistan. In pakistani language Driver ki jaan Hathali par hi hoti hai… I just suggest you, do some charity in every month, may be it will be helpful in future.

God Bless You. Thanks


Thank you God for saving @Mohammad out of the accident. Take rest sir and be healthy again. God bless you. And yeah I read all about Blogger Shortcodes on MBT. The development of shorcodes will really take the blogs to a next level. I have also published a post regarding the development of Blogger Shortcodes by MBT and thanking you for the same. Just take a look at it. Also I invite all other bloggers present here, just visit MBT and know all about the revolutionary development of Blogger Shortcodes.


Thank you everyone for all the kind prayers. Indeed it feels so great when I see a family here. I am recovering fast. The pain was the only thing that was left and now Alhamdulillah even that vanished thanks to your prayers. The accident happened just infront of my gym where I often drive using a Bike because the distance is short and I don’t need to drive there using a car. Unfortunately due to Fuel spilled over the corner, several bikes slipped there and I was one of them. People were badly injured but I survived a fracture and only experienced some scratches and slight burns.

I thank everyone here and since I received so much love here that it would be difficult tagging everyone but it would be rude if I don’t So I am thanking you all dear @Tariq_aziz @zohaibliaqat @Shivansh @Rohan @shahsantosh @chinnilax @mybloggertricks and @NamanKumar You guys made my day! :star2: :star2: :star2:

Thank you dear Naman for finding the plugin worth sharing and I really liked your new template and that great progress. Well done!


we are family and we are here to helping each other so you should not say thank because in true relationship there is no sorry and no thank take care yourself