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Hello friends,

I’m a blogger from Blogging Easier. I have stopped looking after my blog since May 15. Now I’m starting again. It will be very helpful for me, if anybody will suggest some changes to so with my blog’s template or anything else according to google’s current algorithm and other tips and tricks to rank well and get more followers and traffic.

The thing is that I have to make my blog, look more professional yet fast and smooth. I also need tips to improve my blog’s speed or anyone who can optimize my blog.

And can anyone suggest me or code for me a new Subscription box matching my blog’s template.

As I know, help is always given at Blogger Help Forum, to who needs it. :slight_smile:

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Hm…here are some suggestions for you:

  • Remove Ad Banners - There are too much!
  • Use Any Different Template - May Be Your Own? Because the present template is not that good and the template needs many CSS customization.
  • Make some posts (unique)
  • Follow Basic SEO Instruction

That’s it! Good to see you again here. :smile:


Bro @Shivansh Said Correct Now You Just Need To Focus on These Things-

1- A new Template (Maybe Premium )

2- Create your Own Framework instead Of Using Bootstrap So You can Increase your Page Speed!

3- BTW there are not many new seo strategy just work on old and see results.

4- Create a Facebook page for your blog.

5-Complete Your old projects!

That’s it until now first do them then focus on writing quality and unique content :wink:

Glad to see you here again :smiley:


Man the content is awesome. Detailed and up to the mark.

You need to :-

Optimize SMO and use some SMO strategies to socialize your blog as much as possible.

Change theme. A blogger niche blog cannot use a mag theme. Try to use clean and minimal themes.

Organize the content on your page and especially on Navbar.

Change the logo or edit it because it is not visible properly.

Don’t use hello bar it doesn’t look good. Instead create banners for subscription.

Remove ads ( Especially mine :stuck_out_tongue: )

Your writing skills are nice you just don’t have time which is totally considerable but the most important thing to invest (even more than money) is Time.


Thanks @Shivansh @ngtechzone and @Nafees for your recommendations. BTW can anyone help me in designing my new template. You may suggest any particular styles or some particular widgets, that should be there .


Yeah of course! I would suggest you this plugin for your blog:

:link: Smart Sticky Header

But I think it is difficult to add on Blogger. So, if you need any help then I will post the full tutorial in my blog within some days. And I am also going to make a WhatsApp button which will look and effects are same as in Facebook like and share button. You can see it if you go to Blogger Guiders using mobile or with ?m=1. I am going to post it also within some days (not before 3 OCT). So, you can add it too because millions of peoples use WhatsApp daily. So, it could be beneficial for you. :slight_smile:

Now, third widget is:

:link: Famax 4.0

It will help you to show your facebook page in a unique way.

And visit some other CSS website which will give you some beautiful widgets.

And don’t add widgets blindly. Firstly view their CSS then view their JavaScript. If they are big but the widget do no big thing, then avoid adding that widget.


Thanks, I’m waiting for the tutorial.

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