Suggest some Good traffic niche for starting new blog


Guys Suggest some Good traffic niche for starting a new blog… rather then technology suggest some other topics… i want to know some niches that will get good traffic… experienced bloggers please suggest some topics… i decided to choose any one of topic from below… 1.entertainment. featured list. 4.wallpaper & quotes. news & technology. & financing. wallpapers.

regards, skvignesh


Hi @skvignesh, Any niche will give you good amount of traffic. Internet has varied group of people having different tastes and likes.

You can try out event blogging for international or country specific popular entertainment/reality shows. Also event blogs about World Cup and other sports earn much traffic.

You can go for the following niches:

  1. Health and fitness.
  2. finance.
  3. Music.
  4. Photography. [You can even sell your photography at your blog].
  5. Designing.
  6. Gaming.
  7. Lifestyle.
  8. Entertainment [One of the most popular one is MissMaline(dot)com].
  9. Career.
  10. Art.
  11. Environment.
  12. Or make a diary blog showcasing your day to day life having you as the central Protagonist. But it would be hard to get readers for such blogs unless you are a celebrity or a public figure.

Take up niche in which you are an expert or you have some knowledge in. I hope you find your passion and wisely choose a niche. Good Luck.

~ Rohan Chaubey.

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thank for your reply… i am familiar with top 10 lists topic can i use it?/


I didn’t get you. What is Top 10 lists Topic? :confused:


i mean list blog dude… top 10 smartphones , top10 accidents… like this posting on various categories… @Rohan


Oh I see. Readers love list posts and they go viral too quick. So it can turn out to be a great deal. All the best! :slight_smile:


thanks… you very active on this forum :smile:


Awh @skvignesh, Thanks for saying that. I love interacting here with like-minded people like you. Have a great time here. :smiley: