Suddenly Signup for adsense button is activated?


Hello guys today I just went through my earnings tab and as for a new blogger blog it is faded that means that it deactivated or its not available at the moment. but today I glanced an it was activated :open_mouth: I clicked Signup and it redirected me to adsense signup page :frowning:

So does this mean that I am eligible for adsense ??


Hello @Nafees was your blog older for 6 months if yes you have completed the first adsense step now the most difficult 2 steps are left where mostly adsense accounts don’t get approved but if the sign up is enabled you should try for adsense now! :smile: And Congrats That You passed Adsense First Level :smile:


no its one month old only @ngtechzone brother


Oh Then Thats Amazing And Miracle!! :smile: You Are Very Lucky!!


or this is a mistake/Hoax from blogger? :anguished:


It’s Very Brain teaser Question I don’t Know But try Adsense Now!! :smile:


Ok lets see what happens! Hope for the good. but I will try after I get some more replies


It Shows But you wont be able to join adsense before Completion of 6 month on Blogger. I don`t know what just happened to your Blog Admin Panel to Activate Admin Panel…