Suddenly my Site template has Broken, Auto readmore is not working


Hi There, I am a Blog owner but today suddenly I saw my Blogger site has broken. Blogger Auto Readmore code is not working anymore. But it is displaying whole post at a time.

I have created new demo blog but after uploading template showing same problem. Not only my template I have tested with several developer’s template but Not a single template working correctly. Open my Blog is Google Chrome. Opera, Mozilla but showing same problem.

I think this is problem from Blogger. But how to fix it? If anyone knows then please reply me soon.

Best Regards

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi


I also have same problem.In my blog also same problem…


I just checked Blogger help forum… there many Blogger has asked same question. Their site has crashed and many widget is not working. This is Google Blogger’s problem.

Ohh Thanks God I have found the solution–

I am confirm this problem arise from Blogger. But I have found the solution.

Step 1 Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard click on ->Template ->Edit HTML

Step 3 And locate the “Blog1” section in your Blogger template

and replace it with “Blog2”

Step 4 Finally save your template.

Best Regards

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi Admin


Can you send me screenshot please…


Where Is Blog2" section in my Blogger template … sir i can not find…

सर ये पोस्ट आप आपनी साईट पे Titorial के साथ कर दें तो आप की बहुत कृपा होगी …


Thank you so much now I can understand… :grimacing:


Hello @Rabbi the main problem which is happening is due to not using of Jump/Page break. What happens is that if you don’t give jump/page break the blogger will show full post so try to add jump break in blog posts.

To Know How To add Jump Break In Blogger. This will definitely work as this is the common problem done by bloggers.

I already mentioned that this problem is faced by many bloggers that is why you are also facing it.

Good Luck smile


Plzz Help Me Bro … Same Problem But I I can understand… Plzz help Me Bhai …


Hi ngtechzone…I think you didn’t understand the problem. Create a new Blog and upload any Custom Blogger template with auto readmore code and let me know that is it working or not? Thanks.


Hi Ravi…I am trying to upload tutorial image but I am unable to upload image or share any link because I am new user here. For more help please leave a comment or email me in

Thank you.


Hi Shantu39…I am trying to upload tutorial image but I am unable to upload image or share any link because I am new user here. For more help please leave a comment or email me in

Thank you.


hey @raviverma1792 @Rabbi
GOOD NEWS Google has fixed the problem. Now just reinstall your templates to work.


Hi Susheel_karam Blogger Team has announced that they are working on it. After solving the issue they will send notification. Still has the same issue.


Hi raviverma1792

1.) First of all go to the blog dashboard > Template > Edit Html 2.) Now Place the blogger read more hack code. You can get auto readmore code from your template backup file. or add from 3.) Now after placing the code Find the below code. 4.) In this replace Blog1 With Blog2 just like below. 5.) Now go and save your template. 6.) Thats it go and check your blog it should have worked. Hope this helps.

May require few tries!!


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Plzz upload tutorial Sir…


ahhhh working thank you All Sir Thanks @Rabbi And Susheel


sir sahi ho gya …thanks you


The Problem Might Be Caused By Adding Some Unknown widgets and Javascript… Try Removing .that might work


Hi ishworgiri0…Problem arise from Blogger Platform Updates. Already Blogger Team is working on it. Be patient it will be fix soon. I have shown the alternative way to solve the issue. Blogger team will send the notification about the issue. And don’t edit your template until Blogger notification receive. Thank You.

See the Blogger’s team reply from below image-


Ok… I have No any Problem. I just give Suggestion. But anyway Thanks For Notification