Sucuri Says my blogspot Blog is infected with malware But why?


i check my website but everytime i never find any malware at webmaster tool or safe browser google website is showing my blog is infected with malware last year i deleted my all pages and everything because of infected malware i am not able to pay any money. what should i do i have been working on this blog for two years this is the result of of sucuri

than i check this is the results

result of result of other scan from

this is my blog


Blogspot blogs are the most secured and protected sites and far more protected then web security sites like sucuri, virustotal and quttera. These sites often bring profit motivated misguides visitors and makes them believe as if their site is infected or suspicious so that they may sign up immediately to their premium packages. All they aim is to market their products as much as possible so never trust such sites other than the free Google webmaster tool or some Desktop anti-vrius tools like AVG, norton or kaspersky which will better guide you if your site is infected or not.

When Can Malware Infect your Blog?

Most often malware is caused by poor quality widgets provided by third-party services and most often caused by Ad networks like Adbrite which is popular for their Malware and Poor Customer Service. You are currently using infolinks which is also not quite trusted by anti-virus robots and most often are suspected as malware. Try to avoid scripts that may execute pop-ups on your site and also avoid showing ads as popups like you did for infolink at your blog footer. Avoid all such practices which may harm your blog’s structure.

Why My Template is Showing Threat? And How to Deobfuscate a JS?

thank you brother i am very happy you have solved my problem but one thing i forget i added infolink added a year ago now i am unable to find how can i delete it this is my 2nd id from home i was using lover_tariq id from office


@Tariq_aziz, In welcome page, Mohammad said that you have to create only 1 id. You can use 1 id from both, home and office.

Well, About your problem, I think you have to search 'InfoLink’ in your template. Remove all that script. If you will not find such a word, then navigate to layout tab from blogger dashboard and check all HTML Widgets.


i was unable to login with facebook account that is the reason i created sorry


Solved Your Problem With InfoLinks? Did you find the script? If not, send me message in PM so I can help you better.


Yes you can download malwarbytes and install on your computer and then download your blogger theme template and scan it with malwarebyte anti malware virus removal it will delete malicious codes from your blogger theme you can download