Structure Of URL in a blogger Post


Hi Friends. I have a blogger and by mistake one of my post URL created with " _" in url.

Ex: .

I heard that “_” in url is weaken Seo.

I done almost 2000 backlinks for this url (

I want to change the url for good Structure. Means, i will delete the old post url ( and create same content as a new post and redirected this old url ( to New url(

Is my baclinks are still work fro my new url ( ? Or i loose my back links…

I think you understand my issue… Thank you…


Its true that keywords inside permalink improves your SERPs but deleting your post and then republishing it by redirecting the links will effect most of your organic traffic and may not effect the PR due to 301 redirection.

Permalinks account only 2-5% SEO so you dont need to bother a lot about it as long as you have good backlinks pointing to that page. The anchor text of those backlinks matter a lot. So there is no need to worry here. Most bloggers have done the same mistake but Google values backlinks more over what the keywords in your permalink suggest. :innocent: