Stop Showing Breadcrumbs Instead of URL in Search Results


Hi there. I’m new here.

I just want to ask, my blog shows breadcrumbs instead of url when I search any relevant keywords with my blog.

Is it good or bad for my blog SEO? And if it is bad, how can I change it to become url search instead of breadcrumbs?

All of your support here is really appreaciated.

How to add breadcrumbs to your search results?

Some say it’s bad, and the other say it’s good… :dizzy_face:

But if you want to remove breadcrumb from indexing, you can remove code like this from your breadcrumb HTML:

<span itemscope='' itemtype=''>


I don’t know whether it’s good or not but I use it. It looks cute while showing breadcrumbs (blog label) in the search results :smile:

I also had this question then I tried using Google rich snippet tool, it displays a good value so I think it was good.

This is only a personal answer, you need an answer from an expert support. Sorry for my bad english



Dear, Breadcrumbs are not used by popular blogs if you ever analyzed. Our Parent Blog do,not use the breadcrumbs itself,

I would suggest the URL gives more value in search result. with URL keywords are displayed directly to search bot, and may it also help in click through…Check the below post for further information.


Breadcrumbs give the extra benefit of strong internal links that force robots to do an extra crawl of linked pages and a breadcrumb trail is a set of links that can help your visitors better understand and navigate your site’s hierarchy but the downside is the display of your Links in Search Pages. The permalink which contains important keywords is not shown in SERPs and instead the breadcrumbs is displayed which shows the connection between the page and its Label/category. I have written a detailed tutorial on why you should never display breadcrumbs on your blog here:

To remove breadcrumbs from your blogger blog, make this simple change:

  1. Go To Blogger > Template

  2. Backup your template

  3. Search for this div container which looks slightly similar to the one shown below

<div class="breadcrumbs">
<span><a href="......." rel="nofollow"></a></span> / ..... <span></span>
  1. Delete this code and save your template

  2. Once you are done, go to your Google webmasters account and resubmit your sitemaps to force a refresh index.

You are all done!

Note that the code in your template will look different from the one I shared above but the code above will help you spot the correct pieces of code to delete.

Let me know for more help

How to add breadcrumbs to your search results?

I read your post about removing crumbs or making rel = noindex if still want to display it.

How to breadcrumbs on my blog, there are 2 rel = ‘tag’ and 2 rel = ‘v: url’ are all replaced by a rel = noindex?

or best option to erase everything?


Thanks all for the great reply.

I’ve removed the breadcrumb codes in my template design.

@Mohammad I just wonder how can I resubmit my sitemaps? Is there any link I could learn from?


From the discussion it’s best to remove breadcrumb from the blog.


Go to your Webmaster Account then navigate to Crawl > Sitemaps

Just above the sitemaps, select all checkboxes and then hit the Resubmit button as shown below:

resubmit sitemap


Thanks! I’ve done it.

I see a sudden increase in my blog visitors. Looks like breadcrumbs were not for my blog.


Hi @Mohammad . Breadcrumbs is rich snippet, that Google pick up from our websites or blogs. It does not impact on ranking anymore. May be you posted article before you understand it well.

Q. Does I lost permalink benefits in SEO?

A. Big NO. your permalink of site, is another thing, I appropriate your examples, but these type of sites do many mistake in technical SEO. using schema breadcrumbs because they does not using good permalink structure. When does not using rich snippet, because they have good permalink structure and navigation at top of the site. Just imagine your self How google can introduce new things, that impact less in seo?

If you notice wikipedia links in mobile phones, then Google pick up site navigation like breadcrumbs.

In case of blogger, breadcrumbs does not impact in SEO. instead it will give you more CTR in search results.


Google product pages and sites can not be taken as a standard for SEO because most of these pages are poorly optimized themselves which includes their help forum and blogs.

Breadcrumbs makes sense mostly for sites which has in-depth content based on taxonomies and sub-sub-categories. Breadcrumbs suit well eCommerce sites and sites like wikipedia where content is linked through various anchors in different tree order.

In Blogger We have Just Single Category that we call label and most often people wrongly use that as a tool for internal Keyword building. All labels pages are kept noindex in order to avoid duplicate content issue.

A Permalink or the Slug provides more keyword options that can attract users and as a result could send more traffic to your site. Test it for yourself, you will see Google Highlighting your permalinks but never the breadcrumbs! So why waste this precious opportunity of displaying more highlighted keywords on SERPS and lead the row? Getting me buddy?

Read this post buddy:

:link: Why Displaying Permalinks on SERPs is better than Breadcrumbs?

I will write a new post on it soon.


Sorry, to say, But you really misunderstand this concept.

  1. I don’t know, what you think about SEO, May be it’s totally different than I think. Google uses keywords in URL, like So here Blogger keyword is enough for SEO permalink. We don’t need to add many keywords in URL. Also if you add, then it is not impact in SERP. Just look out stackoverflow site, they using simple regular expression to create a permalink for question, and it is also SEO friendly. I never look out on other articles, what they are saying specially Moz articles. keywords in permalink is help a little bit according to matt cutts, so one decent keyword is enough for good permalink.

  2. eCommerce site shoud have easy navigation, so user can easily track any product easily. But breadcrumbs is totally another concept. You can even use breadcrumbs and navigation both in website, they are totally different. Don’t know why you implement sub/sub/catogories, do you think is contain long sub categories? No, you can create your own breadcrumbs, as you like. It is possible thorugh labels in blogger, categories in wordpress, and I am using my own breadcrumbs in my site as per site directory like . In sort you can use breadcrums as you like, it is totally different than navigation and permalink. And It totally in depend in SERP. If you don’t believe then ask question in Google forum.

  3. If you use labels as a breadcrumbs then what’s wrong? It is only appear in top, while if you are not using then it appears in below post content. Don’t know what you want to say. When Google go to any labels page, then simply they don’t index, no matter they crawl from breadcrumbs or from below post content.

  4. Totally disagree, You are looking links with SEO eyes. If you are real visitor, then absolutely people like to visit breadcrumbs navigation site in search result. Just create a new question, in our :smiley: forum, and ask this question. Don’t say anything about SEO. Just say, what you like to visit?

Labnol blog, is not posting more content, in SEO, otherwise, he will tell us, Why he was using breadcrumbs in own blog, and why he was not using summary like other blogs use like Read more, Thumbnail image etc. He is real master in Technical SEO, but never post such a thing in own blog, because it is totally different, than other big communities post like Moz.


my site rank also dropped after porting into the breadcrumb feature. Going to use the above mentioned tips to rid of it. Hopes my site will get more traffic after update.


Hey everyone, I hope people here have already resolved your issue @izham. BUt I don’t think that breadcrumbs are that bad. And there is a reason for that, Search tiered link building on Google and you will find the Matthew Woodward’s blog on top. However, his blog has breadcrumbs and you know how competitive this keyword is… So the matter of fact is that yes breadcrumbs do help you to force spiders to crawl few more pages and to be very honest with you, I really don’t think that they will harm your SE ranking by any means. Because Google knows that which URL is inside the label or category, the only difference will be that user will not be able to see it.


no, after porting to the breadcrumb feature, my site lost top google search positions.


Guys, How to disable breadcrumbs and display url in Search Results - for wordpress users ?


i have been searching for this from so long time. i even asked in shoutmeloud but they thought that i am spamming (posted a pic of site: ) i donno the name breadcrubs that time so uploaded the pic. this query helped me and thanks alot

but bro which one to remove?

found around 5-6… this will help many people. thanks in advance