Step By Step Guide, How to Connect Windows Live Writer with Blogger


This post is dedicated to all blogspot users, how often face the issue, Invalid Username or Password while connecting Window Live Writer with Blogger.

In past it was so simple whenever to connect Window Live Writer with Blogger, but now, it required certain steps before it get connected.

Lets come to the tutorial. Follow the below screenshots steps.

1: Sing in into your gmail account and click on account:

2: put your gmail password:

3: Click on 2 step verification

4: Click on Start Setup

5: Enter your mobile number

6: Enter your received code in the box

7: Click on next

8: Click on Confirm

9: Click on Apps

10: Click on Manage Application - specific password

11: Click on Select Device

12: Select Windows Computer

13: Now Click on Select App

14: Select Custom name

15: Put windows live writer in the box

<img src="/uploads/default/593/55115ad31c3eb75c.png" width=500" height=“329”>

16: Click ohn Generate button

17: After click the generate button you will see another window with password, this is your window live writer password:


Copy the desire password generated by apps password, and save it in **notepad**. whenever you go for connecting window live writers with blogger Enter you gmail in **user name** and **password** which you saved in **notepad**. This will soon connected your windows live writer with blogger.


Do not put your gmail password in Windows Live Writer ( password box ) use the apps password which is generated by 2 steps verification process.

Now you can disabled your 2 steps verification for gmail login. If you dont want to receive code login to gmail.

You are now easily access to windows live writer without facing password or username errors.

I hope all you guys found this article very helpful for connecting Windows Live Writer with Blogger.

How to Fix Windows Live Writer Error - "Invalid Username or Password"
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Thanks @Templatezy I am going to try this. :smile:


Thanks my friend for precious Article …


Amazing post buddy. Keep Helping the blogger community like this. Awesome tool you shared. Thank you !


I am extremely impressed hafeez with such a detailed tutorial. You have won even more respect in everyone eyes. Really kind of you to help your fellow friends so effectively. This personally helped me too because I was encountering a similar problem. Great work! :star2:


Thanks @Mohammad , @NamanKumar, @Shivansh for your appreciations!

We will bring more awesome tutorials in future stay tuned.


Or, instead of those gazillion steps, copy your text, links and photos from Windows Live Writer and paste it all into Blogger. The only formatting I needed to do was re-paragraphing. Everything else worked, including live links, photos, Youtubes, etc. It took most of 2 minutes.


Thank you so much! I’ve been going around in circles ever since I installed win 8… works for me now :slight_smile:


Hi I want your permission, do these images you use are free can I use than on my blog


Its really helpful.I was using Live writer for 4 years and took a gap of year…after that point it started giving trouble to while logging and configuring my account in same.

After googling came across this wonderful step by step process of trouble shooting.



@ASHU_SINGH, Welcome to Blogging community. I am glad that you have found your problem’s solution. You can ask too about any blogging problem. :smile:


This method will not work now because Windows Live Writer is now an Open Source Project and has permanently stopped support for Blogger blogs. Fortunately Its now developed and maintained with a new name “Open Live Writer” which is much more advanced and frequently updated as compared to WLW.

Read: :link: WLW Stops Support For Blogger Permanently