STCnetwork's Official Site Has Been Launched in Ramadan!


Ramadan Mubarak To everyone!

May Allah bless you all with happiness and grace your homes with warmth and peace. :innocent:

We had been really busy for past few weeks due to intensive Power shortage and Heat Wave that has taken thousands of lives here, approximately around 3-4 Thousand People have died so far in karachi. May their souls rest in Peace.

During this time I took out some time to redesign our company site and introduce its actual face to people online. STCnetwork was born in 2008 and it has been contributing online as much as it can. We hope that our small efforts may continue changing the lives of students, jobless, retirees and housewives around the globe.

Please take a moment to view the site and do join us on our Facebook page for company updates. Do not forget to review the company site on FB, we will feature the best reviews on our site.


Love Time buddies! :slight_smile:

If there is anything that makes a developer happy than it is the testimonials or Constructive Feedback or reviews. Just like how old photos revive great old memories, similarly a kind Review brings a smile on a developer’s face for the efforts he/she had been contributing to the Web industry.

Kindly review us and let us know what you think of this small group of developers working under the umbrella of STCnetwork.

We will feature the best reviews on our sites.

:link: Facebook Page

Don’t forget to like us too it feels really good! =)



Oh yeah, its good. :wink: Now I can see the changes but not before a minute.


Glad you liked it @Shivansh Thank you for being active on the forum. Due to power shortage, I rarely could respond actively. :smiley:


Don’t worry. We are all here for caring of your forum. And welcome!


Masha’Allah @Mohammad the Site is looking fabulous with the parallax effects and that all!

Wish you all the best and also Ramzan Mubarak and take care! :smiley:


@Mohammad Masha’Allah the site is designed beautifully Congrats on it’s completion and Ramadan Mubarak.


LOVE :sparkling_heart: the new website design. :slight_smile: Liked and reviewed the FB company page.


Well I have been visiting your website from 2013 and I love all of STC Network’s Projects among which BHF is my favorite and the new STC Web Design is just fab. :heart_eyes: Love you STC


The New StcNetwork Site Is 100 Times more beautiful then the older one. Really Awesome Hover EFFECTS And Awesome Parallax Effect :smile: Keep Working Hard And May God Bless You :smile:

BTW Which Wordpress Theme Have You Used In Stcnetwork?? It’s Really Awesome :wink:


The theme used by STC Network is SWAG wordpress Theme @ngtechzone


@Nafees Khair Mubarak dear Nafees. So kind of you and it gives immense pleasure that almost everyone liked the new design. Thank for you that. :innocent:

@ngtechzone nafees is correct we are using the swag theme which is available on themeforest. We simply customized it to our preferences. Thank you for finding it professional and well worth to the praise

@Hassan I am fortunate to have a subsciber and friend like you. Thank you for all the love and respect since 2013 dear hassan :smile:

@Rohan Loved the review buddy. Thank you for it! Always ahead of all :smiley:


Bro I Have One Feedback That The Loading Screen Takes Too Much Time So Try To Reduce The Loading Screen Time And Add Some Hover Effects In The Main Menu But Leaving It The Full Site Is Superb :blush: I Am Glad To Be A Member Of This Forum :smiley:


@ngtechzone that may be for the first time but as the browser stores cache it will automatically load fast :smiley:


Dear since this is our landing page and since Parallax backgrounds are often heavy in weight so it is obvious the site will load slow on first session as @Nafees stated but once it is cached you will find it working just fine.

Pleasure to have you on forum always :innocent:


Excellent buddy. STC official site is amazing.


No less than a pleasure buddy. Thank you @janardanraju :smile: