Something you can do Mohammad... :)


Hi, Mohammad. You can availability a free blogger template template.

Most of the templates available out there have a medium quality to the requirements of Google for ranking.

Usually have loading errors, many scripts that Google blocks and when we see WP platform templates are good quality.

However, I like the ease of Blogger and the credibility for being of Google.

I believe you with all your knowledge can provide a good template for your entire community.

What do you think?


Hi @Claudinei I will surely note that and will release several templates this year. I am going to publish a research paper on bitcoin this month after which I will be all set to focus on Blogger tutorials only :slight_smile:


Hello admin i want to buy a blogger templete can’t wait now it’s really ridiculous to change for some reasons and in free version many things doesn’t run, I don’t have coding skills learning, I am totally dummy in coding whatever few terms I learnt is from your forum and blog. Could you please suggest me one… Please