Some Question About Bloggers Hosting With Hostgator


Hi Every One :smiley:

As Iam having some of question about Hosting Blog With Blogspot With Hostgator

  1. How can i Setup Hostgator Domain With Blogger

2.If iam Not interseted With Hostgator Host Shall I revert Back To Previous Ones

Example : If iam having

And i have purchased a domain with host gator and it will look like this

Shall I retunred to previous one(

3.Which Plan Is Best As per Your Concern


Hello! firstly lemme tell you, you have misunderstood blog spot. blogger (blog spot) is a free CMS provider hosted at google.unlike premium WordPress you don’t have to subscribe to a hosting can use custom domain at blogger as well as delete it whenever you want (but why would some one do that :sweat: ) You can start blogger blog by following these steps

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