[Solved]What methods are there to styling a post body,header title and description?


What I need help with is styling my post header title and description. I want a specific font type, font size and color? I want to use the same font type that I’m using for my drop down menu navigation which is Helvetica, sans-seriffont-family: Nunito Do I put a specific code in the edit html? or Do I look for a specific code? Will you please help me? Here is my blog: www.averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com


for dropdown menu currently you are using

font: normal normal 12px ‘Trebuchet MS’, Trebuchet, Verdana, sans-serif;

i cant find helvetica anywhere. But still if you want helvetica for post title go to Edit html and on line 171 you (or nearby to 171) you will find h2 , add new css there and try. Backup template before doing anything.


The method seems to work. How would I do this for the description, posted by and labels? I also want to know how can I change the colors of the description and header post?