[Solved] Using another name for Adsense


Hi, I am new to Blogger and want to make a Blogger blog for Adsense. For the first time I want to use dot blogspot as the domain name and I planed to change it to dot com next time. My question is as follows.

  1. It is a good idea to change the domain name next time?
  2. May I use a different name than my real name for blogger, is it acceptable for adsense?
  3. Is it a violation to Adsense if i use not my original name on blogger?
  4. Should I use a TLD like [dot] com or [dot] net to be accepted by Adsense?

I am sorry my english is bad…


Okay there is no limitation that you can’t change your blog address for adsense approval , take example of Mybloggertricks as its first name was TntByStc and after then it was changed to Mybloggertricks and it got adsense approval !

There is always an advantage of using TLD like .com and really helps in adsense approval :smiley:

You can surely change your blog name after sometime and apply for adsense .


Ok Nithishk, thanks for your advice… :slight_smile:


Your Welcome , Keep Asking Such Questions And Good Luck :smiley: