[Solved ] Search result problem after changing domain


I have changed my blog domain from pcsoftworld.tk to pcsoftworld.com. I have set 301 permanent redirect from old domain to new. One of my post was appearing at first on Google search result and I was getting most pageviews on that post. But now its not appering on Google Search. Please help me to solve it.


Anyone here to help me??? @Mohammad bro???


First check - are you blocking that post in Robots.txt? If not Do a site:www.yoursite.com search. And verify- is there large amount of indexed pages than actual? If yes then you have similar problem as this solved topic

http://ask.mybloggertricks.com/t/why-low-traffic-after-about-one-year-of-blog .

If not then wait for the other members. Maybe they have other words to say about it.


I think that ?m=0 is creating that problem. Google search result has indexed ?m=0 for only that popular post of my old domain. Is there any way to remove that post from search?


Yes you can, first at all note down all the unhealthy URLs ending with ?m=0 and ?m=1. And then remove those pages from the GWMTools.

After all go for editing your template and then find below one code.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Then, place below code just after it.

<b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
<meta content='noindex, follow' name='robots'/>

And then save your template.

One thing more- consider search and archive pages while doing a site:www.yoursite.com. if you found any links like below examples,


immediately remove them from GWMT. and then place these two below lines in your robots.txt

Disallow: /search/

Disallow: /search?

After doing all the things just fetch as google your blog from WMT.


Thanks @purushottamkmq I have done all the things. Requested for removal of search links and its showing “Pending”. Do you konw how many days need for the removal?


Approximately, 6-7 hours. But to get your site normal it could take something like 5-6 days.

You are free to ask anything with our community. But it seems like your question is solved now. So please add [Solved] at first of this topic title. Good luck.


is .tk domain is good for seo and rank i read review on a site about its bad seo.please tell me


I have no more idea about these type of domain extensions, but in my opinion a domain is a domain whether they are ending with .com or .tk. So you can use it ans defienetly it will rank.

But you have to purchase its pro version if you have flood of traffic. Otherwise, they may delete, park or transfer your domain without letting you know. I have see many peoples have such problems like deletions of their domain because they have not took any step to read their terms and conditions, where they wrote like that you have to register after getting lots of traffic to grant it full.


thanks for telling bro.i decide to not to choose free domain